Saturday, February 7, 2015

Notes from The Fog

We welcomed this gorgeous girl into our family 7 weeks ago. The highs and lows of those weeks have been more exaggerated than anything I could have imagined before her birth. Anyone who has added an infant to their family knows that along with Bundle of Joy comes Mind Numbing Fog. So, here I sit at my computer, in the middle of full-on fog, trying to get some thoughts down. Why? Well, because this story's mine and I am trying to preserve it despite the epic fog.

My thoughts are jumbled, my head is pounding, and my back aches. My ears are weary from listening to the cries of a colicky newborn and the whines of a three year old asking, "But WHY?!" for the 127th time today. I love my Littles and would do anything in the world for them, but at this stage in the game my husband and I are weary to the bone. 

"The Baby Fog" is aptly named. All of my attention is on my baby right now and it will be for the next several months. Everything else is just ... foggy. My body and my mind are still very much trying to recover from pregnancy and birth, and my hormones have commandeered control of my brain. So, if you want to hold any kind of conversation with me, you need to hold me by the shoulders, make direct eye contact with me, and speak slowly. I'm not entirely exaggerating.

Even now I want to write more, and to make this post better or more it grammatically correct. But, alas, the baby awakes.

So for now, if you see me, be gracious. If you don't see me, reach out, because I may be drowning. 

Ok Callie Jane, Mama is on her way...

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